Why is my shipping rate so high?
We ship a few of our products through a special route. Depending on which products you do order the delivery fee can range between 6 to 45 Euro. If you are ordering multiple products then the delivery fees can add up because the products are dispatched from different warehouses.

Can I get paid to promote GETRC?
Not at the moment. We are working on a referral program.

Where do you ship from?
This varies from time to time depending upon our supply chain, but we usually ship our goods from China, Spain, The Netherlands, India or other European countries. Products which are shipped from Europe have a special category on our website. You can view current stock here >> EU Chemicals >> EU Meds.

How can I verify the product you sent me?
If you’d like to verify the product, we recommend sending a sample off to a 3rd party lab for analysis. International Energy Control will send the results straight to your email.
Another option is to purchase a quick test like Marquis or Mecke test. These are not precise but allow a quick identification of the substance group.

Do you ship to my country, state, location?
That depends on what is being shipped. If we do not ship the product to your country, then you won’t be able to checkout with it. We currently do not ship to the following countries under any circumstances: USA ,Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Finland. We will endeavor to keep our checkout disabled for states and/or countries that have banned X product, but ultimately… it is your responsibility to know which products are restricted and not place orders for them.

Where’s my tracking number?
If/Once we apply the tracking number to your order it will be available to you at
https://get-rc.to/my-account/orders . Once you’re on that page, choose the order you want a tracking number for by hitting the ‘View’ button. Once you do the prior, the tracking number for that order will appear on the following page if we have added it.

If I don’t receive my order because of it being seized, lost etc., will you re-ship it?
You are eligible for a re-ship if your shipment is tracked AND you added the Shipment Insurance add-on to your order during checkout.

Can I get a refund?
Generally, no. Under special circumstances refunds are available for orders that have not been shipped yet.

How long until I receive my order?
On average, you can expect to receive your order within 5-14 days once it has shipped. However, it may take up to 30 days in some circumstance.

Do you accept credit card?
Yes, we usually have an option available at checkout to accept credit cards.
Additionally, there may be a few more options depending on when you look.

Do you accept crypto currency?
Yes! We accept bitcoin at the moment. Other cryptocurrencies will be supported soon.

What’s the best way to get in contact with customer support?
While we are available for live chat sometimes, it isn’t often at the time of this writing. I suggest contacting us via email at [email protected]
You can expect 24-72 hours in-between replies.