1cP-AL-LAD 150mcg Blotters


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Responsible Research with 1cP-AL-LAD blotters

1cP-AL-LAD  was only released onto the market very recently, so use extra caution when conducting research with this chemical.

WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.

What is 1cP-AL-LAD?

1cP-AL-LAD is a novel lysergamide that was first synthesized in the Netherlands towards the end of 2020. It is closely related to other lysergamides such as 1cP-LSD, LSD and AL-LAD.

Chemical Properties

Little is known about 1cP-AL-LAD as it was synthesized so recently. It is assumed to be a pro-drug of AL-LAD, as the metabolism takes place on the same indole nitrogen as the scientifically well-documented metabolism of 1cP-LSD and 1P-LSD to LSD. The AL-LAD-specific N-allyl substructure is on the “ethylamine” nitrogen, an atom that is very distant and which should not have any influence on the enzymatic reaction, therefore steric hindrance is very unlikely.

Pharmacological effects

Reported pharmacological effects are very similar to AL-LAD. That being said, as with any novel compound, a researcher shouldn’t assume anything. Data is desperately needed on this and it’s down to members of the research community to provide this information. If you have any experience with

Some of the most commonly reported effects are:


Bodily control enhancement
Pupil dilation
Spontaneous physical sensations
Tactile enhancement


Analysis enhancement
Conceptual thinking
Creativity enhancement
Emotion enhancement
Immersion enhancement
Increased music appreciation
Memory suppression
Ego death


Colour enhancement
Pattern recognition enhancement
Visual acuity enhancement

Visual Distortions

Drifting (melting, breathing, morphing and flowing)
Colour shifting
Depth perception distortions
Perspective distortions
Symmetrical texture repetition




It is illegal to buy 1cP-AL-LAD in:

  • United Kingdom

This list is not exhaustive, so do your own research into the legal status in your country before ordering!

All products are strictly for research purposes only and not for human consumption.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Lysergamides and Tryptamines should be kept below 20’c where possible

Product Name

1cP-AL-LAD 150mcg Blotters

Other Name(s)

1-cyclopropanecarbonyl-6-allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide hemi-L-tartrate


1‐cyclopropanecarbonyl‐(8ß)-N,N-diethyl-6-(prop-2-enyl)-9,10-didehydroergoline-8-carboxamide hemi-L-tartrate



Active Ingredient(s)

1cP-AL-LAD L-tartrate (150 mcg)

Other Ingredient(s)

Soy based ink, 200 gsm blotting paper


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